[-: Smile :-]

Simply put, there is no excuse not to smile every day.   Did something make YOU smile today? Let me know, and I'll add it to my page: sarah at purplegirl.org.


Awwwwwesome weekend with myadam, mylainey & mybecky.
Why won't they come live under mybed??

elise: we have cosmic velcro, you and i

Encouraging emails from the physicist w/ CAPS and !!!!

Went camping with Rene & Kristen, much fun was had.
Hung out at Devils Lake with the Physicist. Canoeing, Hiking & Swimming Oh my
And... got the grant!

Two years!
I love me some Physicist!

Group aim chats with peeps

Ben wrote me an intro: Children learning words is interesting, because, at the same
rate my brain is deterioating from the beer i'm drinking, an infants mind is developing in a positive direction.

Rene's endorsements about me for the NIH:
"Sarah is a terrific collaborator on such intricate tasks as creme brulee making"
"And her tenacity at finishing off a plate of [insert fried food here] is highly admirable"
"Not to mention that she always makes her friends laugh and talk about how cute she is"
"She will certainly create many works of fine science and may be the very finest PBR drinker EVER"

My legs don't hurt after running 12 miles yesterday!
Yay, physicist!

My Colon is okay!
The Physicist was awesome and supportive during all the "procedures"
Tonight, Andrew Bird w/ Jeff!

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