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Useful/Fun Links: 

Arbornet.Org - Where I first stumbled into geekdom.

Department of Psychology. University of Wisconsin-Madison - My program.

Google - Everyone's favorite search engine.

Infant Learning Lab - One of the two labs I'm a member of at school.

Language and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab - Second of the two labs I'm a member of.

Live Journal - If you're smart you'll be able to find me. If you're lucky, you already know.

Monkey Host - The wonderful people I use to host this wonderful page.  The best in the biz, I highly recommend them.

Neurobiology of Psychosis - My old job.

Oxford English Dictionary - For university of wisconsin students.

Piled Higher and Deeper - So funny, yet so sad.

The Isthmus Movies - Movies playing in Madison right now.

Friends and their kickass pages:

Benjamin Arwin - When I met Ben, we were the same height.  But damnit, he grew!

VooDoo Child- Brian Cooke's informative and fun webpage featuring pages on a big guy, a small girl, and some guy who wears sweatpants. Really, what doesn't he have?

Adam Gerard - He's kooky, he's wacky, and you know you've dreamt of making out with him.

Ernie Hershey-He is the man of all men, he is the cool whip of all whipped topping, he is ERNIE HERSHEY!

Rebecca Suzanne Hildebrand - I mean really, can you get any better than this?

Big Man Josh -The big man and I roamed the green hills together. Never could I ask for a better prom date.

Steve-o Laniel-o - Steve thinks a lot. Steve also talks a lot. Now Steve puts all the things that he thinks and says on his website. Funny, though, he doesn't talk less.

Jordan Lilienfeld- Jordan and I braved geekiness at an elitist private highschool. We both ended up pretty "rad".

Rexxy Roo - He's got the coolest name in the book.

Joel Santodomingo - DJ Bearry Bear at his finest.

Splatterfish.com - Patrick and his zippy website!

Sunny Q - She and I partied hard in pittsburgh, closing out Spice Island at least once a week.

Billy Zelsnack - That wacky billy. 

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