Installing LENS on UBUNTU


Here are some directions for installing LENS on ubuntu. this is mostly for myself as I have many machines that I work on and usually one needs to be reformatted/reinstalled every 6 months or so. Every time I was installing LENS it was like starting over... so i decided to document all the steps.
If you happen to find this page and have any additional tips or changes feel free to email me at sarah at Last update: 5/2/08

1.First get xemacs, xorg and the build essential tools if you haven't already:
a) sudo apt-get install build-essential
b) sudo apt-get install xemacs21-bin
c) sudo apt-get install xorg-dev
2.Next follow instructions found here with the following modifications:
a) Attempt Step #7. If step 7.5 works.. then great and cotinue on.
note: in Hardy Heron version of ubuntu the tcl libraries make and compile but not the tk library...
3. If it doesn't just use apt-get to get and install the tcktk. run the following commands:
a) sudo apt-get install tk8.3
b) sudo apt-get install tcl8.3
c) cp /usr/lib/ ~/Lens/Bin/${HOSTTYPE}/.
d) cp /usr/lib/ ~/Lens/Bin/${HOSTTYPE}/.
i. ( was added to /usr/lib for one of the install.. i just got rid of the ending one when i moved it to Lens/Bin/)
4. Continue to steps 8-10. Installing xorg-dev will handle #9
5. Make all and see what happens.... If like me you see some errors about CLK_TCK do the following:
a) xemacs ~/Lens/Src/command.c
b) Find and replace getting rid of CLK_TCK and replacing with CLOCKS_PER_SEC
c) cd ~/Lens/
d) make all
Now things should work speedily.
6. Finally you'll have to set the environmental variable and the path.
add the following to your .bashrc:
a) export PATH=$PATH:~/Lens/
b) export LENSDIR = ~/Lens/